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Tópico: There are pretty a few brand

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    There are pretty a few brand

    Patagonia was founded in Ventura, California in 1972 by a rock climbing enthusiast Yvon Chouinard.mbt , It began by making clothing suitable to those who enjoy hiking or rock climbing and those that surf and ski.ugg online , This company has contributed about 25 million dollars and supported environmental agencies for many years.ugg sale , They pride themselves on being an environmentally conscious company striving to make its carbon footprint the smallest it can.abercrombie & fitch , Patagonia Shoes for women are made in boots, sandals and shoes that are made in sizes 2.5 up to 14.

    Because Patagonia makes several shoe styles that do not use any leather or other animal bi products they were awarded the 2009 PETA award of Best Outdoor Vegan Shoe Retailer. They try very hard to recycle any waste they create and use rubber, latex and hemp in the production of their footwear. They take the rubber scraps from other parts of the shoe and use them to make the soles so that they will not have to fill landfills with waste. The leather they use in their shoes only comprises the top part of the shoe while the soles are all made of rubber. The leather used is registered as environmentally friendly from registered ISO 14000 tanneries.

    One of the most popular hiking boot is the Riverwalker. The sole can be either felted or studded and costs about $180. Synthetic leather is used on the top of the boot and will dry quickly if made wet by wading into a river bed. Notches in the sole are placed strategically so that the boot will bend naturally with the foot. This sole will prevent any stone bruising from sharp stones underfoot and will also ensure that the foot is stable even while in a river bed or bank. The boot is a bit wider so that you can wear heavier socks and there is padding in the ankle and insole area.

    One of the most popular ballet flats produced by Patagonia is the Hatha. This shoe is held on by an X shaped adjustable strap that comes over the top of the foot. The shoe top has a mesh that will prevent wetness from getting into the shoe. The pigskin leather lining is very long wearing and comfortable. The foot bed of this shoe has about 20 percent material that has been recycled and it has a rubber sole. It comes with a price of $85 in black, brown and in a khaki color.

    A nice slip on shoe from Patagonia is the Gypsum. It has a recycled rubber sole that will keep the shoe dry even in wet weather. The cushioned foot bed is designed directly for the foot of a woman. The upper part of the shoe is leather but it is environmentally accepted and there are stretchy gussets on the side to allow the foot to slide in easily. The Gypsum costs around $120 and is made in brown, black and red.

    A sandal produced by Patagonia is the Alkali. It has a diamond shape that is supported by straps that attaches to the foot bed made of suede. The lining is pig skin and this sandal will take on the shape of your foot in just a few weeks of wear. The jute wrapped midsole is very cushiony and comfortable. This sole is also made of twenty percent recycled rubber and it comes in green, brown and teakwood for about $80.

    Patagonia has many other styles of footwear for women available. There are snow boots, hiking boots and climbing boots. You can pick from slip on shoes, ballet flats, running shoes, and sandals. All are made to be the most environmentally friendly as possible.

    Today Patagonia shoes for women specifically Patagonia Honeydew are unbelievably popular as some of the most comfortable shoes in the world. They make boots, shoes and sandals that come in sizes 2.5 to 14 in half sizes.

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    Re: There are pretty a few brand

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