Processador Mediatek MT6797 Helio X20 Deca-Core
Ecrã de 5.5" FullHD
Camera traseira de 21MP + Camera Frontal de 8MP
Tecnologia de Reconhecimento por Irís
Android 6.0
Dual Micro SIM
GPS, HotKnot, OTG, Radio FM
Bateria de 3200mAh
4G LTE (GSM, WCDMA 850\900\1900\2100, FDD B1\B3\B7\B8\B20\B2\B4\B5\B7\B17 )

"Stunning! The first Smartphone equipped with the 2nd Generation of the Iris Recognition Technology come to you – the HOMTOM HT10

Just open your eyes, glimpse at the screen, and then unlock your HOMTOM 10. Easily!
So what is the iris recognition technology? What are the characters and functions? What are the improvements compared to last generation?

About Iris recognition technology
Iris recognition, as a biological authentication system, uses the pattern of the iris of the human eyes. It takes four steps: Iris image acquisition, image preprocessing, feature extraction and feature matching. The Iris recognition technology in Smartphone requires the front camera to complete the collection of the information. The Iris recognition works on the base of recognition to the iris of outside annular pupil collected with infrared. Under the normal circumstances, due to its own uniqueness, the accuracy of iris recognition is higher than that of the white of the eyes.

The characteristics of the iris
Iris recognition distinguishes people’s identity based on the iris and it is mainly used in security equipments or in those highly confidential places. Iris contains many intertwined spots, filaments, coronal, stripes, crypts and other detailed features. After two years old, the iris will hardly change. So using the iris as the password will have a better sense of "long-term safety." These characteristics determine the uniqueness of the iris, and also the uniqueness to recognize the identity. Therefore, we add the iris recognition technology to HOMTOM phones to better protect your personal information.

The second generation of the iris recognition technology

The HOMTOM HT10 will use the second generation of the iris recognition technology. So what are the more advanced features in the new generation? It scans your iris in unlocking the phone within a second, faster than ever. Also it improves the sensitivity in a dark environment experience. Now you can unlock your phone at night or low light indoors. In addition, the iris recognition technology can be added to encryption programs. Your programs and information will be more secure, and you never get nervous for the moment when you forget the password.

The HOMTOM HT10 will come out on market with the second generation iris recognition technology to unlock the phone. Compared with fingerprint or TouchID, the iris recognition can be more convenient in different environments. For example, cold day make it uncomfortable for you to take off the gloves to unlock your phone by fingerprint, or after finishing work out, sweat causes your phone incapable of reading your touch ID. But all of these awkward occasions can easily be avoided with the iris recognition. Please take a relaxing look at the screen and unlock your phone. Moreover, it is safer than the Touch ID. "