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Tópico: Giveaway Time! GUESS THE PRICE & WIN A 4G LANDVO L200G

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    [Winner Announced] Giveaway Time! GUESS THE PRICE & WIN A 4G LANDVO L200G

    Gearbest is launching a new giveaway on Facebook, just guess the price and win a 4G LANDVO L200G!
    Watch the video first:

    1. Guess the presale price before Aug 11 (only one guess per person).
    2. Whoever guesses the correct price or gets the closest will win this phone for free.
    3. If more than one entrant guesses the correct price, we will enter those into a lucky draw.
    4. The winner will be announced shortly after Aug 11.
    Good Luck!

    MTK6582W+MT6290,frequency: 1.3GHz-Quad-Core,ARM Cortex-A7,28 nanometer Dolby®
    Equipped with Android 4.4.2 platform
    5.0 QHD-540*960 HD-LCD,capacitive screen lamination technology, highlighting the product quality  
    Dual camera, front camera 2M, rear camera 5M + AF, with the highlight flash  
    Memory:4GB(ROM)+ 1GB(RAM)Or 8GB(ROM)+ 1GB(RAM)
    Ultra-thin, only 8.9 mm thickness

    Giveaway Result! GUESS THE PRICE & WIN A 4G LANDVO L200G

    Thank you so much for everyone who participated in our Guess the Price competition!
    We received a MASSIVE response and the moment of truth (aka deadline) has arrived. The actual presale price for the fantastic LANDVO L200G is... 99 USD!!
    A number of entrants guessed correctly and all of them have been entered into our random lucky draw. We're delighted to announce the winner: @Antonio Iaco

    Congratulations to the lucky winner!
    We will be contacting the winner shortly, and will be shipping a brand new LANDVO L200G out to them once the product is officially released after Aug 25.
    Thanks again to all of you! You can expect even more great giveaways and awesome prizes from Gearbest! So don't miss out: join and follow us!

    Get your Landvo L200G 4G Phablet NOW at a heavily discounted presale price:

    More Giveaway Coming Soon! Thank you for your support

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